SKOVBY #105 dining table

Skovby's #105 plank table is a shorter version of plank table #106

Skovby's #105 plank table is a shorter version of plank table #106.

The plank table consists of two solid planks and seats 6-10 people in its basic position. The planks are carried by two trapeze shaped frames giving the table a visually calm, yet solid expression. Like #106, plank table #105 may be extended to seat 12 people by adding an extension leaf to either end of the table.  

Care and maintenance

Improper care and maintenance can damage your furniture!

Far too many of the problems that arise with furniture, is a result of improper maintenance and/or as a result of an inaccurate or incomplete information when purchasing the furniture..

Please follow the recommendations as to daily care and maintenance of your Skovby furniture in the attached leaflet.

You can also read more about care and maintenance in the menu under "Care and maintenance


Oak solid white oil
Oak solid white oil
Oak solid oil
Oak solid oil


95 x 190 cm - 240/290 cm / 78.8 (94.5-114.2)"
95 cm / 37.4"
74 cm
SKOVBY #105 dining table

Good craftmanship

Skovby furniture design builds on 80 years of experience with furniture production and a solid and strong opinion on raw materials, production and design. Our company is 100 % danish and our furniture 100% danish design.

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