Care and maintenance of laminate

Follow our care instructions and enjoy you Skovby furniture for many years to come.

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning of a laminate tabletop we recommend wiping it with a cloth firmly wrung out in lukewarm water. Afterwards wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth. If the surface needs a more

thorough cleaning you can use washing-up liquid (a few drops per liter of water). Wipe it afterwards with a clean, moist cloth and finally a clean, dry cloth. Do not use scouring powder or nylon sponges as these will mat or scratch the laminate.

Basic cleaning 

First of all clean the surface with a fat-dissolving cleaning agent that does not contain abrasives. Remove the cleaning agent with a cloth firmly wrung out in clean water to avoid discolorations. Finally wipe the table with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid water and strong cleaning agents on the wooden edges. These are wiped with a clean cloth firmly wrung out in clean water and afterwards wiped with a clean, dry cloth.

Stains and damages

Fat, oil, felt pen marks etc. can be removed with acetone, thinner or benzene. Then clean with a cloth firmly wrung in clean water and finally wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth. Never use acidic detergents, wax or any kind of furniture polish, as these may cause permanent discoloration. Do not use solvents on the wooden edges of the HPL surface. 

Colored FENIX NTM nano laminate

Besides the above-mentioned maintenance advantages, colored FENIX NTM nano laminate, furthermore possesses the quality that you, due to its thermal features, can heal micro scratches by using a melamine foam sponge. This effect may also be reached through the use of an iron and a dampened kitchen roll sheet. See more maintenance and cleaning instructions.