Skovby is extending the chair collection with the addition of the modern and minimalist 800-series. 

At the center of the collection is a specially designed veneer shell seat. The unique and flexible shape of the shell seat makes for a beautiful and comfortable chair with timeless appeal. 

All 800-chairs are available with or without upholstery.  

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"It is our experience that our customers focus more and more on quality and durability, and that they are getting more interested and involved in interior decoration. They want the opportunity to customise and individualise their furniture.

With the new Skovby collection we strive to meet these demands, by offering a modern and functional selection of new pieces in a broad variety of colours, materials and combinations."

Jørgen Rasmussen,
Owner & Sales Director



A new base for a Skovby Classic

This new model #55 is an alternative to the popular dining chair #65.

Combining the original and volumnious top piece with a slick swivel base creates new interesting proportions and functions. 

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The new Skovby home desk #131 with rounded corners in solid wood, veneer or laminate provides a beautiful and functional workspace.

 The desk has a classic underframe of four wooden legs mounted in each corner. 

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Function & Design

The home desk is also available in a #130 model with a rounded steel frame inspired by the style of the 100-year-old Bauhaus School of design. 

Both models have pre-installed USB plugins, spacious drawers and velcro straps for cords and cables.

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Shell chair with star base

In Skovby's dining chair #803 the unique and specially designed veneer shell seat is combined with a slick four-star base. The star base is available in black or chrome and gives the chair an industrial and funky feel. 

The chair is available with or without upholstery

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Distinctive armrest chair

Skovby dining chair #802 is a light and characteristic model with a distinctive veneer shell combined with slick steel legs and armrests in either black steel or chrome. 

The chair is available with or without upholstery.
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Skovby's new home desk #130 and the special armrest chair #802 are the perfect match! 

The Bauhaus inspired steelframe of the desk and the chair's rounded armrests give this furniture pair a light and dynamic retro feel. 

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New counter stools #808 and bar stools #809 with uniqely shaped shell seats and solid wooden underframes.
The four legs are constructed around two square frames, which give the chairs a distinct geometrical look and characteristic silhouettes. 

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Reaching new heights...


“My vision and purpose during the design process was to create a uniquely shaped veneer shell to be the foundation of the 800-series.

I wanted to do something with a bit of edge. A shape that stands out among the huge selection of shell chairs on the market.

The result is a pleasing geometrical shape with edgy lines that surprises you from every angle.” 


Per Hånsbæk,
Architect & Designer

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Dining Chair #807

The shell speaks for itself in this clean model with classic wooden legs.

The combination between the thin and edgy shell seat and the solid wooden legs gives the chair a unique silhouette and bears witness to great craftsmanship.  


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Brahms 02 Beige
Brahms 02 Beige
Brahms 07 Beige/Pink/Grey
Brahms 07 Beige/Pink/Grey
Brahms 16 Blue
Brahms 16 Blue
Brahms 21 Grey
Brahms 21 Grey
Brahms 31 Anthracite
Brahms 31 Anthracite


This year we have added 5 beautiful quality fabrics to the collection.

The Brahms fabrics are available for all chairs in Skovby's chair collection,
including the newest items. 


Choose the postal code, which is closest to where you live.

Those stores marked with are Premier Skovby Stockists showing at least five to eight dining sets as well as a number of occasional settings within their Skovby display area.

All other stores listed are Skovby stockists showing at least three to four dining sets and a number of occasional settings within their Skovby display area.

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Premier Skovby Stockists showing at least five to eight dining sets as well as a number of occasional settings within their Skovby display area.
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