Ceramic surfaces

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning wipe the furniture with a clean cloth well wrung out in warm water - if necessary added a few drops of washing-up liquid per litre of water - followed by wiping with a clean, dry cloth.

If the surface needs a more thorough cleaning you can use a few drops of washing-up liquid directly on the spot. Wipe it afterwards with a clean, moist cloth and finally a clean, dry cloth. Or if necessary use a cleaningdetergent with the specific purpose of the type of stain.

Do not use detergent containing bleach or acid, which can damage the surface in time.

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Sound traditions and experience have been inherited and our long history has given us know-how about furniture and its maintenance, which we would like to share with you.

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If you follow our instructions and these basic rules, you can enjoy your Skovby furniture for many years to come.

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