Good advice and simple rules

Take good care

Sound traditions and experience have been inherited and our long history has given us know-how about furniture and its maintenance, which we would like to share with you.

If you follow our instructions and these basic rules, you can enjoy your Skovby furniture for many years to come.

  • Do not place hot items directly on your furniture.
  • Use coasters to protect the surface against hot, damp and coloured objects (colour may come off). Do not use cork coasters as damp can pass right through and into the surface of the item.
  • Always protect the surface when using sharp utensils.
  • Moisture is the worst enemy of all wooden furniture and therefore any spilt liquid must be wiped off immediately. The tabletop should not be covered with an airtight material such as plastic or an oilcloth for more than 12 hours.
  • Never place furniture too close to radiators or heaters.
  • In order to keep the colour of the wood, direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible.
  • If in doubt, ask your Skovby retailer

         Download our care instruction leaflet 


Take good care of good furniture

Improper maintenance can ruin your furniture. Far too many problems that arise with furniture are caused by improper maintenance and/or are initiated by inaccurate or incomplete information when purchasing the furniture.

Danish Furnituremaker’s Quality Control is an association of leading Danish furniture manufacturers whose objective is to ensure high quality furniture. The association has made a pamphlet “Take good care of good furniture” advising on correct care and maintenance of furniture and how to increase its lifetime.

The diversity of materials used within furniture production today makes it impossible to include them all in a small pamphlet, and it therefore includes the most commonly used materials and finishes only.

Read more about the work of the association on