Veneer furniture

About veneer

The log can also be cut into veneer. The veneer that we use has been sliced, which means that the log is cut into thin sheets. This method of cutting creates many similar leaves and makes it possible to make furniture with a homogenous and symmetrical pattern.

We cut the veneer to length and width while respecting the wood and carefully considering its structure and appearance. Then the pieces are edge-glued, often in a symmetrical pattern. This can be done by turning every second veneer leaf.

The completed veneer sheet is glued onto chipboard or MDF board made of recycled wood, such as wood chips from the manufacture of furniture. Then we cut or mill the veneered boards to size and attach edgings in veneer or solid wood. Finally we sand and finish the components.

When the veneer is sliced, many similar leaves of veneer are created. This makes it possible to manufacture furniture in which, for instance, two halves of a tabletop in an extension table or the doors on the front of a sideboard mirror each other.

Veneered furniture is energy-friendly, meaning that minimal energy is used for making the largest possible quantity of products per cubic metre of wood. Veneered furniture often has a calm appearance because of the more uniform patterns.

Veneered furniture mirrors the diversity of nature though. You may find minor knots, pigmentation and colour varieties between each leaf of veneer and edging. When light is refracted on the surface of the wood it may create optical colour differences. This may give the impression of the elements having various colours depending on which angle you are looking from. For the same reason it may look as if horizontal and vertical surfaces have different colours, even though they do not. This all contributes to creating unique furniture on nature’s own terms. However, before processing an item we very much focus our attention on matching components with a low tolerance in colour and structure.

We use the wood with greatest possible respect. Anything else would be wrong, – to nature, to the trees and to the forestry workers who have nurtured the trees for years.

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