Oil treated surfaces

An oil treated piece of furniture has had a natural treatment that gives a rustic appearance.

Oil treatment enhances the natural differences of the wood and just as various parts of an item will absorb the oil differently, they may also dry out in a different pace, giving the item an uneven appearance. This is natural and is evened out at further oil treatment. It may therefore be necessary to oil before use. 

Care and maintenance

In order to protect the tabletop against dirt and moisture, we recommend that you maintain the table with a high quality furniture oil for indoor use.

As the procedure for applying oil to the table may vary from product to product, we recommend that you follow the maintenance instructions accompanying the oil product chosen.

We recommend Natural oil or White oil from Skovby Care Collection for maintaining oil treated furniture. 

Skovby Oil is based on vegetable oils. The oil will nourish the wood and maintain its light appearance. Also it impregnates the wood and makes it water-repellent.

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning wipe the furniture with a clean, dry cloth or a cloth well wrung out in lukewarm water (if necessary added a few drops of dish soap per litre of water), followed by wiping with a clean, dry cloth.

How to oil treat your furniture

We recommend Skovby Care Collection products - Oil Neutral or White Oil.

Skovby Oil is based on vegetable oils. The oil will nourish the wood and maintain its light appearance.

Also it impregnates the wood and makes it water-repellent.

Clean the surface before your oil treatment

Always clean the surface before treating it with oil. If the surface is scratched, grind it carefully along the graining using a soft grinding sponge (grit 220).

Clean the surface with a cloth well wrung out in lukewarm water added a few drops of uncolored washing-up liquid (pH neutral). If necessary add a few more drops of washingup liquid.

Afterwards wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth. Leave the wood to dry for about two hours after cleaning, before treating it with oil from Skovby Care Collection.

How to apply the oil

Apply the oil onto an uncolored cloth or sponge, then spread it evenly onto the item lengthwise of the wood. Repeat gradually until all surfaces and edges are applied a thin layer. 
After 2-3 minutes surplus oil is wiped off with a clean, dry cloth. It is very important that this is done while the surface is still wet.

It will take the oil up to two days to harden completely and provide maximum protection. Repeat this treatment 2-3 times a year or when needed.

Please note

Please note that before the oil has hardened it can rub off on clothing.

This cannot be washed off.

Please also note that oil-soaked rags and sponges are liable to spontaneous combustion and therefore must be stored safely in airtight metal containers or burnt under supervision immediately after use.

Watch the instructional video on this page.

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If you follow our instructions and these basic rules, you can enjoy your Skovby furniture for many years to come.

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