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We recommend that you accept the cookies that our website applies as they will help us improve the overall visitor experience. 


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small information file that a website puts on your computer, in order to remember something about you at a later time. 
Cookies do not collect or store any personally identifiable information, such as who you are or where you live. Cookies also cannot be used for gathering information from your computer or give any kind of virus.

Cookies are a necessity for some functionalities on a website to work (e.g. login and shopping basket) and therefore cookies are found on almost all websites.


Skovby’s use of cookies

When you visit our website, we use a cookie to recognize your computer when you visit the different pages on the site. This cookie will be deleted from your computer as soon as you leave
The above cookies are the only ones used directly by Other than these use some third-party services that also put cookies for a number of purposes such as function, web analysis, marketing and various social media.


Cookies for statistics and marketing

On Skovby’s website we use cookies for web analysis to improve our sites. We collect information for statistical purposes and to locate irregularities so that we can improve your experience when visiting our sites.

Skovby collect the following data

  • IP-address
  • Visited pages
  • Session time
  • Browser type
  • Operating system
  • Preferred language
  • Which URL you come from
  • Search word (if you come from a search engine)

Skovby use Google Analytics and Siteimproves cookies for web analysis (Siteanalyze) as statistics suppliers to give you the best possible experience when visiting our site.

Google Analytics uses cookies to be able to generate the statistics, but none of these contain personal information. A random ID is generated to recognize your browser and therefore the information is not personally identifiable.

Google Analytics uses three different types of cookies, which you can find on your cookie list:

  • _ga – expires after 2 years and is used for identifying users
  • _gid – expires after 24 hours and is also used for identifying users
  • _gat – expires after one minute and is used for handling requests on the site

Siteimproves does not contain personal information. The cookie contains a randomly generated ID used for recognizing your browser when reading a page.

This cookie is called ’nmstat’ in your cookie list and will expire 1000 days after your latest visit.


Skovby also uses Facebook Pixels for identification of website users and in connection with marketing of Facebook posts.

Furthermore we are using Cloudflare and Pinterest.


Cookies from other third parties also shows contents from other internet services such as:

  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook posts

Content from these services may also be incorporated in pages on and in this situation these services will put cookies. These are used for technical purposes, for marketing and for statistical purposes. You can find more information on how each service use cookies by clicking “Cookie list” here at the right.

If a service puts cookies for statistic or marketing purposes, the content of the service will not be visible until you accept statistics cookies.

How to erase and block cookies

You may delete and block all cookies in the settings of your browser, but please note that many websites functions (both on Skovby’s website and others) depend on cookies and therefore will not work if you block them.