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The unique quality
The raw materials are our fuel. They tell the story, have an inherent quality and provide every piece of furniture with a unique touch.

Skovby #38 Dining table

The Skovby #38 dining table has a unique design with a springy and simple expression.

The dining table has trapezoidal sloping legs and a new patented extension system - a result of a long design process.

The extension system is synchronous - give the dining tabletop a slight push and the hidden extension leaf will appear. You can easily bring the extension leaf in place in continuation of the dining tabletop - all by yourself.

The dining table can seat 8 people in its initial position - and fully extended make room for 12.

  • Patented extension system
  • Extend the table all by yourself
  • Make room for 12 persons
  • Unique design with a springy and simple expression


Also available with a tabletop in white laminate

The dining table #38 is also available with a tabletop in laminate - the Skovby High Pressure Silk Laminate. The laminate has an incredibly hardwearing, silk matt surface and is very practical and easy to clean.  

Skovby #38 Dining table

Unique design with a patented extension system. 8-12 seatings.

Length 200 - 300 cm / 78.5 - 118"
Width 100 cm / 39.4"
Height 74 cm / 29"

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