Professional pride
Skovby has manufactured furniture for almost 80 years and is today one of the leading manufacturers of complete dining rooms.

Skovby #32 Dining table

Patented Skovby #32 dining table  with a unique extension system
In an exclusive design with a steel base plate. 

The #32 round dining table has 3 folding leaves stored in base. 

The dining table is equipped with a unique extension system. By turning the turntable under the tabletop the three leaves move synchronously to a position that makes room for the extension leaves in the base. When light pressure is applied the extension leaves unfold by means of a spring placed under the triangle in the middle of the table.

Six to nine seatings
The dining table can be extended from six to nine seatings.

The #32 dining table with steel base plate is also available with base in veneered walnut and top in frosted black glass.

Skovby #32 Dining table

NEW. Now with dining table top in glass! 6-9 seatings.

Width Ø120 - 146 cm / Ø47 - 57"
Height 74 cm / 29"

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