Skovby furniture is made from natural materials, selected with consideration and respect for nature, environment and people.

Wood is one of the most sustainable and lasting resources that exists. Sustainable forests in Europe and North America are increasing. Wood that we obtain from such forests is replaced, which supports preservation of ecosystem diversity. Our excess wood is used as fuel. All wood chips and shavings are utilized for heating our premises and contribute to a positive carbon-dioxide accounting and make up a valuable resource in our pursuit of a carbon neutral production.

A healthy work environment where employees are supported, thrive and wish to stay for many years, is what makes it possible for us to develop products that match our high quality requirements. Skovby is therefore happy and proud to be celebrating many both 25- and 40- year employee anniversaries.

As a member of the Danish Furnituremakers' Quality Control Skovby is part of an exclusive network of 17 Danish furniture companies, which invest time and resources to push the agenda on sustainable operations, to be equipped to handle the highest standards and requirements for durability and to secure skilled labour in the future.